Explain the Why-To and How-To of team-building

September 01, 2021 00:01:18
Explain the Why-To and How-To of team-building
W07 S01
Explain the Why-To and How-To of team-building

Sep 01 2021 | 00:01:18


Show Notes

The purpose of workshop 7 - session 1, is to help you accomplish the following with a new team member:

1. To help you cast the vision to your new member that, although there is effort involved in building a team, they are building an asset. And, in fact, this asset is likely to be the greatest asset they ever build. In other words, it’s definitely worth the effort.

2. To help you explain to your new team member why building a team of team building advocates results in such a great asset.

3. To help you explain to your new team member the value of carefully selecting network building partners.

4. To help you explain to your new member the importance of the onboarding process. Onboarding goes beyond merely teaching new members about the system. It allows you to build trusted relationships, enable duplication and discover great leaders who will develop and lead their own teams.

5. To help you to show your new member how to register new members. These registration steps are well documented. However, make sure to help your new member register others if they are not yet confident of registering a new member on their own.

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