What's your higher purpose?

Episode 5 September 03, 2021 00:01:14
What's your higher purpose?
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What's your higher purpose?

Sep 03 2021 | 00:01:14


Show Notes

What’s your higher purpose for building your team?

What is going to make the most significant difference in the lives of others you are associated with?

In general, most people are easily distracted by the latest ‘exciting’ thing..

Also, many people feel overwhelmed by the many things they must urgently do.
Consequently, they often sacrifice investing time in the important things that would enable them to set up the future that they truly desire.

If you want to achieve the things you truly desire in life, you can and must devote time to your Important, as well as, your Urgent.

This is a progressive paradigm shift that you can help others make – it’s so worth it for them, and most importantly, it will duplicate.

When you have a team out to make a difference in the lives of others, you have a more significant impact than you may at first realise.

You need to show your team members what it’s like to find their first, true, network building partner. Someone willing to build their network, and make advocacy an automatic habit.

In the end, we can accomplish relatively little on our own.

Most significant achievements are accomplished by organisations – in other words, by teams of people.

How you select and equip team members is likely to be one of the most significant determinants of your success – in anything.

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