It Starts with Why

Episode 1 September 02, 2021 00:04:05
It Starts with Why
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It Starts with Why

Sep 02 2021 | 00:04:05


Show Notes

As Simon Sinek famously said:

It starts with Why

What are the benefits of building and leading a team of team-building advocates?

When you create an exponentially growing team of team-building advocates, you will have close relationships with a few great leaders who will advocate for you to the leaders they know.

Each leader will know and have trust with many influential others.

This is an incredible asset that will support the endeavours about which you are passionate.

Building teams is the substance of results in any endeavour.

After all, every company or organisation is a team of people.
It’s the team of people and especially their leaders that determine the success of the enterprise to which they belong.

The best teams love working together, supporting each other and helping each other to achieve results.

When you build a team of great network builders, you develop your leadership skills, discover opportunities, and receive an ever-increasing amount of advocacy for the endeavours you are passionate about.

Ask yourself: What does building a team of team building advocates make possible - for me?

It all starts with finding and developing leaders.

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