Increase your potential advocacy

Episode 2 September 02, 2021 00:02:32
Increase your potential advocacy
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Increase your potential advocacy

Sep 02 2021 | 00:02:32


Show Notes

One of the best ways of building trust with others is to create advocacy for them within your CC team.

It is far easier to advocate for others in the CC when you are simultaneously growing your team of team-building advocates.

Your team consists of the partners you have introduced to the CC and the partners they have introduced.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the best way to create advocacy for yourself is to first create as much genuine advocacy for others (you trust) as you possibly can.

Imagine this:
You Know Like & Trust your CC connector (the person who connected you to the CC and is helping onboard you).

You decide to do everything you can to advocate for and promote your connector to relevant others.

When you onboard people (i.e. you are their Connector), they will see how well you promote and advocate for your connector and, in turn, do the same for you.

In other words, they will duplicate how well you advocate for your connector.

Multiple people doing this for you and looking for opportunities to advocate for you within their teams means you will generate unbelievably great results.

As your team grows:
The advocacy coming your way (both from your team and the teams of others) significantly increases
Your chance of discovering opportunities that can help you scale up also increases
Many of us are interested in increasing our incomes while decreasing the time required to develop that income.
Network building allows you to discover the means of doing this and many other worthwhile “end goals”

For many of us, it is essential to think beyond the reason we started building our networks.
For example, let’s say your original goal was to gain more business.

What if network building helps you achieve that with the result that you become “insanely busy – overwhelmed – stressed”.

Is that really the outcome you envisaged at the outset?
Are those the results you want?

Always keep in mind the higher purpose for building your network – what’s the end result you truly desire, and how could building your network help you achieve this?

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